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SVA’s First Shaktipat Retreat. Posted on October 13, 2011 by Svaroopa Vidya Ashram

The yogis who attended Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram’s first Shaktipat Retreat have generously 54shared their experiences with you, so that you may also experience some of this very powerful weekend. Please see their experiences from the pages of their meditation journals, afterthoughts and more below:

“There was the whole and complete fulfillment of my very deepest desires; a massive chunk of trust I’ve been wrestling with settled into place and I knew that even if I didn’t always see myself as Shiva, Nirmala always does- and that makes me feel like Shiva, makes me feel like it may actually be possible for me to fully live this way.”

”The experience of expansion

Obstacles on the path – breaking them down
The fire of yoga – a column of heat along my spine
The majestic Kundalini – magical, mysterious
Transcending time and space into infinity
This body being the vehicle through which I experience my Self
The heart beating hard and fast
The throat releasing
The crown opening
The areas that have been numb and shut down
Finally coming to life
The spine dancing in the flow of energy
“Awaken, child, from your deep slumber
It is time to know, to hear and see
It is time to Be
All That Is
The deep knowing that lies within”

“The Shaktipat Retreat was an incredible weekend for me. Although it was short, it acheived all the depth of a 9-day intensive, at least Shaktipat itself was palpable. My meditations after recieving it were incredible. Heat, Kriyas, movements, etc. I am just incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity and experience. Nirmala was incredibly generous, giving us Shaktipat several times. For anyone considering this in the future, if you are on a spiritual path, you can’t possibly get enough grace, and this was a big dose.”

“Amazing meditations, tangible Shakti, valuable insights, were all part of the weekend for me. The information about Shaktipat and Kundalini that Swamiji presented was uplifting,it made me very inspired about my own practices and meditation. I highly recommend this weekend and hope to do it again sometime myself.”

”It was like a million lightning bolts going through my body!”

“I have this to share from meditation journal after second shaktipat:

I love to serve my family, especially my daughter. During meditation, I literally felt and saw walls falling down around me and that love spread to All. There was no longer a distinction between family and others and I was left with an overwhelming joy in the freedom that I may serve all as One.”

”Thank you again for everything. It was absolutely beyond description! Namaste”

“Surrendering, seeking…warm and tingly at the root.

Feel the spiral of energy rising with the heat of karma burning.

Floating away and coming back, find the mantra, let it go.

Gentle rocking, peaceful floating.

Stillness and quiet with gentle buzzing of insects as background.

Breathing into mantra, returning to the room, returning to my body.

Quiet, peaceful, no hurry now.”

“The weekend was a glorious experience. I know that I have received “organic shaktipat” and other energy transmissions from Swamiji and Bhagawan Nityananda and Baba many times, so I am considering what makes this experience different. I feel as if I could do lifetimes of Svaroopa® poses and other practices and receive significant and important and valuable core opening benefits, yet the impact of the Shakipat weekend was infinitely greater.

I think the difference comes from intention — both mine and Swamiji’s. I was fully present, arriving with lots of preparation and an intention to fully receive her grace to the best of my capacity, and she arrived with the intention of ‘not holding back’ and removing my obstacles.

I think the metaphor of one lamp lighting another is an incredible understatement. So much “stuff” that I didn’t even know was there is gone. Even as I sit here to write this days later all the cells in my body are suffused with joy.”

OM svaroopa svasvabhavah namo namah