Over 400 bulbs are sprouting! Posted on March 2, 2012 by Ashram

Spring has sprung, according to the bulbs that we planted – it was done just last November. bulbs2Such a short time ago! It’s been such a mild winter that the bulbs began sprouting in February, leading me to be concerned for their health in case it snowed again. I’m seriously considering taking the driveway marker poles out of the ground as snow seems so unlikely at this point.

One of the reasons I relocated from La Jolla Calif (a heaven-on-earth) to Downingtown PA is for the four seasons. I love the unpredictability of the relationship with Mother Nature – so I still do hope for another snow, even though it wouldn’t be good for the bulbs. But it looks like flowers are in our near future – and that’s another part of Her Divine Bounty.bulbs1-150x150

The seasons are one of my favorite ways to marvel at Shiva’s incredible creativity. And now I’m marveling at the way that our November gardeners could see what it would look like when it got warm again. So here are a few photos of bulbs coming up. This is going to be fun!bulbs4-150x150

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