“Aftershocks” Of MTT Upgrade. Posted on March 16, 2012 by Jyoti (Rebecca) Yacobi

The MTT Upgrade course has many layers interwoven within it. The virtual classroom during the phone calls prepared us beautifully for the weekend retreat that brought together the three months of preparation. Tantra was alive with the interweaving of learning and teaching, understanding and experiencing, transmitting and expressing. Any course that Swamiji teaches is filled with wisdom, majesty, mystery and Grace, so how is this course different?

This course had the effect of breaking up the densities in my being, breaking down stones into pebbles, and pebbles into sand. The “after shocks” are still reverberating within me: I feel the breaking apart of identities, ingrained patterns and beliefs, a shattering of sorts of the old sense of self. The treatment originates from within – the mantra – given and facilitated by the Grace of the Guru. I am never without it. It is light and portable, yet explosive and powerful, able to transform iron into gold, density into lightness, spaciousness into presence, the known into knowable, ether into sound, sound into form.

The MTT Upgrade gave us the vehicle of the mantra as the way to the Self. The power of the teachings became so vivid, so personal, so real once I spoke the words and expressed my personal experience when we presented the talks to one another. The teachings become alive when I am able to express them and to integrate them in a personal way. The mystery becomes reality, the shimmering effervescence of the boundary between form and formlessness.

I have waited lifetimes to be able to express the Truth that lies within all of us, that IS all of us. The doorway opened by the Grace of the Guru.

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