The Downingtown Harmonium Ensemble. Posted on November 5, 2012 by Swamiji

331-214x300This weekend featured our new harmonium players, in their first public performances. Saturday night we held a satsang featuring a reading from Baba’s “Where Are You Going?” on chanting, with four harmonium players splitting the two chants, and on Sunday morning more new musicians played some of the Guru Gita chants plus the two satsang chants. I played the sticks, serving as a metronome to help them keep the rhythm and flow going.

Every harmonium course I’ve taught before was a half-day program. This time we had the luxury of developing more chants as well as preparing for the public programs. I hope everyone will make their harmonium part of their sadhana, singing out the mantras and their love for God, and perhaps sharing it with others.

Thank you to our guests who came to support the musicians’ debut! The chanters were strong even when the harmonium players were finding their way. It was a big help. And it was fun to see the harmonium players find their groove…

With love and delight, Swamiji

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