Who is supporting whom? Posted on November 27, 2012 by Swamiji

I’ve been a teacher since fifth grade, when I joined three other classmates in assisting the kindergarten teachers for several hours each day. I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation since 1976 – that’s such a long time that it even surprises me! In building Master Yoga (and recently Reawakening it), as well as creating the Ashram, I dedicated myself to serving and supporting others in their yogic process. It is a privilege to do such exalted work, and to do it as seva to my Guru.

Yet the tables have been turned on me. Now, the Ashram staff, sevites and residents are supporting me in some incredible ways. While focus turned to life support for Master Yoga, everyone has kept on doing what needs to be done. They allow me to slip into the program at the last minute, as they sit there in a sweet yogic pose – sometimes chatting companionably, sometimes sitting in silence. They pick up the slack when I cannot do my share of the dishes or meal service. They carry big loads up and down stairs for me, run errands and come back smiling. Who is supporting whom?

But it has always been this way. I was one of a seva crew numbering 300 or more, dedicating ourselves to full-time work plus more, in supporting Baba. The community I am honored to serve has always supported me, through their donations as well as their attendance at programs. The veggie garden we planted in late fall has yielded a bounty which we harvested on the day before our first snow storm. All along, as gardeners we thought we were taking care of the garden, but the garden is taking care of us.

The boundary between support and empowerment melts away as the dotted line between me and thee reveals its true form – as the formless.

With deep love & great gratitude, Swami Nirmalananda

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