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Another Step Forward. Posted on January 25, 2013 by Swamiji

tadaa-231x300Tadaa! has been a gleam in its mama’s eye for several years – the possibility of telling Svaroopis’ stories through collaboration between the Ashram and Master Yoga. Our first issue was published yesterday (listen for the fanfare, with the trumpets and conch horns blowing!), thanks to the dedicated and loving efforts of so many talented people. Please blow them a kiss when you read their names on the masthead.

Steps like this keep us moving forward. It takes the work of many to make this great task possible – this task of making a difference in the world, of making a difference in your life and the lives of so many. On Tadaa’s masthead, you see both sevites and paid staff, paid staff who are supported by your donations. You see, I couldn’t publish a magazine, run an Ashram, head a trip to India, lead Master Yoga’s Reawakening and also write talks, create study courses and programs, publish contemplation articles, record audios… I need help to make this happen. Your help.

In addition to Tadaa! we’ve added the daily E-Quotes, now being sent to everyone on our email list for free. I get reports on how many people click to open each day and am delighted to see hundreds of yogis starting their day with an uplifting message. One of them sent me a nice response, “Your many E-Quotes hit home. Thank you for continuing to send these wonderful messages to us.” It’s nice to know that all of us working together are making a difference.

Please consider your contribution to this task. I cannot do it without you. Click here to offer your gift in any amount, as a monthly offering or one-time donation. Thank you.

With love and great gratitude,

Swami Nirmalananda

Ganeshpuri is So-o-o-o-o Close. Posted on January 22, 2013 by Swamiji

Ganeshpuri is so-o-o-o close. As I was sitting in the pre-dawn stillness, waiting for Shrii Guru Gita to start, I could feel Ganeshpuri encircling me, like loving arms giving me a gentle hug. We’re almost there!

We leave in about 2 weeks. All of you who are joining me there – you’re getting ready. All of you who cannot come this time, you’re getting ready too. Because this is going to be an amazing, astounding, auspicious and ananda-filled (bliss-filled) happening. It will encircle the globe, touching your heart from the inside out – if you let it. Please!

But we’re not in Ganeshpuri yet. So please stay in your body. Stay in the city you are in. Stay in the life you are in. Breathe. Repeat mantra while you breathe. Because that which you will find in Ganeshpuri is already there, inside you. So don’t travel there yet – you’ve still got a couple of weeks to go. Be embodied – embodied consciousness.

But you can look ahead, while you stay in your body. You can look at Ganeshpuri, a bird’s eye view, on Google Maps. And there are lots of great photos online – just do a search! But the best is walking down the street, on the way to the morning abhishek, the ceremonial bath of Bhagavan’s murti – we’ll be there at 4:20 every morning! Soon…

Not yet, but soon…

With love and great delight, Swami Nirmalananda

Making a Difference. Posted on January 19, 2013 by Swamiji

I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world. I think everybody does. I remember, as a child, dancing around on my tiptoes so the adults would laugh. It was so easy to make a difference in how they felt! The playfulness of childhood, the joy and transparency is infectious – we all want to live that way all the time. The yearning for that is what drove me to my Guru. Desperation kept me there in the beginning, but eventually the joy took over again.

Once joy is your foundational motivator, it’s really easy to make a difference. In the decades that I wanted everyone to change (really it was so they would make my life easier), they had no interest in changing. But now that joy is my reason, they delight in opening up. It’s that childlike transparency that makes it so easy. When there is nothing but Self inside, there’s nothing to hide, so transparency is easy.

You all make it easy for me to serve you, through your support – financial, seva support and your own practices. Your practices affect the whole world, not just you. Just imagine that every other driver on the road also practiced meditation and yoga. What a difference it would make!

My goal continues to be to make a difference in the world. When I put new audios and articles up on the Ashram website, I hope that many many people will be affected. I want to make my Baba’s teachings available to everyone – and I need your help to do that. Your donations make a difference in how much I can offer.

Our Ashram Board has just begun our annual Fundraising campaign, to insure funding for our 2013 programs. I hope you can help. Click here for more…

With love and gratitude, Swami Nirmalananda

Getting Ready for India. Posted on January 15, 2013 by Swamiji

We had a classic Indian dinner, idli and sambhar, for the first time in the Ashram. A yummy surprise, made from a prepackaged mix so it was really easy. Idli is a puffy little rice-lentil cake, mildly flavored that is perfect for dipping in the sambhar, a spicy lentil soup with vegetables. We had both!

the-cook-idliHere’s the happy cook, Kusuma (Karobi)! Helped by Dean Cilley as well as other famous yogis who specialize in eating the yummies produced by the happy cooks.

She made uttapa as well, a pancake-like item made out of the same rice-lentil batter, with cilantro and some grated veggies in it. Here it is, cooking on the griddle, plus you have both plates – uttapa in the front and idli in the back.

uttapa-150x150 uttapa-and-idli-150x150 uttapa-and-sambhar-150x150

We’re all ready for breakfast in Ganeshpuri!

and will be there soon…

With love, Swami Nirmalananda

nitiation – Inside & Outside. Posted on January 12, 2013 by Swamiji

The first Shaktipat Retreat of 2013 is happening. Meeting in our new Downingtown Yoga location, it’s a great way to install the Grace. The movers brought in the furniture yesterday, and we started last night. How fortunate that a yoga room is so easy to set up! Well, we still have to hang picture on the walls and get some coat hooks up, plus there are desks to set up. I want to know where they hid the boxes! It all looks pristine, so there must be a messy closet somewhere!

We’ll have photos of the new space in a few days, but if you want to see the outside of the building, click here. The arcade has moved out. They focused on play; we focus on the play of consciousness. We have, of course, ordered signs, so it will be easy to find us. There are several public parking lots nearby as well as on-street parking available. And thank you to the sevites who helped: Connie Mohn, Dean & Shuchi Cilley, and Kristine Freeman. A one-day move takes lots of hands and hearts.

For today’s meditations – I invite you to meditate at the same time that we are. Join us from wherever you are from 11 am to noon and 5-6:15 pm (Eastern Time). If you do some japa first, you’ll find that you’re in the flow of Grace, simply by choosing to place yourself there.

with love, and in service to my Guru,

Swami Nirmalananda

On the Move! Posted on January 4, 2013 by Swamiji

Downingtown Yoga is moving into a new facility, just one-and-a-half blocks from its current location. We’re very excited about this because we’ve had a basement problem in our current location. We moved in during snow season (February 2011) and didn’t know that the basement was so “fragrant.” In the 2011 spring thaw, when we discovered this, we brought in the professionals and had the air tested. Fortunately we had no mold or mildew, just a smell. Bound by a two-year lease, we used air filters to try to compensate for it. It wasn’t a perfect system. We’ve been looking for a new site since we discovered this, but it took almost two years to find one. Now we have it!

The delightful part of our new site is that it has housed an arcade for the last few years. From a yogic perspective, it’s a wonderful play of consciousness!

We are removing a wall to make the main room larger, both for yoga classes and satsangs, plus we have to paint the walls (which were painted black). This will be done soon, so that we can hold our Shaktipat Retreat there on January 11. What a great way to get started!

It’s also interesting that both Master Yoga and Downingtown Yoga are moving at the same time. It shows that lots is happening in the new year – we’ll see what it holds in store for us.

UPDATE: While I was writing this, I found out that we have no heat in our old space, so we are starting in our new facility on Sunday! See – a new year’s surprise, right in the moment as it occurs…

Swami Sunday, on January 6 from 8:30 am – 12:15 pm will be held at Downingtown Yoga Meditation Center, NEW ADDRESS: 114 E Lancaster, Downingtown PA. Probably the pinball arcade sign will still be up! And we’ll have heat!

With love and blessings, and giggles,

Swami Nirmalananda