Getting Ready for India. Posted on January 15, 2013 by Swamiji

We had a classic Indian dinner, idli and sambhar, for the first time in the Ashram. A yummy surprise, made from a prepackaged mix so it was really easy. Idli is a puffy little rice-lentil cake, mildly flavored that is perfect for dipping in the sambhar, a spicy lentil soup with vegetables. We had both!

the-cook-idliHere’s the happy cook, Kusuma (Karobi)! Helped by Dean Cilley as well as other famous yogis who specialize in eating the yummies produced by the happy cooks.

She made uttapa as well, a pancake-like item made out of the same rice-lentil batter, with cilantro and some grated veggies in it. Here it is, cooking on the griddle, plus you have both plates – uttapa in the front and idli in the back.

uttapa-150x150 uttapa-and-idli-150x150 uttapa-and-sambhar-150x150

We’re all ready for breakfast in Ganeshpuri!

and will be there soon…

With love, Swami Nirmalananda

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