Ganeshpuri is So-o-o-o-o Close. Posted on January 22, 2013 by Swamiji

Ganeshpuri is so-o-o-o close. As I was sitting in the pre-dawn stillness, waiting for Shrii Guru Gita to start, I could feel Ganeshpuri encircling me, like loving arms giving me a gentle hug. We’re almost there!

We leave in about 2 weeks. All of you who are joining me there – you’re getting ready. All of you who cannot come this time, you’re getting ready too. Because this is going to be an amazing, astounding, auspicious and ananda-filled (bliss-filled) happening. It will encircle the globe, touching your heart from the inside out – if you let it. Please!

But we’re not in Ganeshpuri yet. So please stay in your body. Stay in the city you are in. Stay in the life you are in. Breathe. Repeat mantra while you breathe. Because that which you will find in Ganeshpuri is already there, inside you. So don’t travel there yet – you’ve still got a couple of weeks to go. Be embodied – embodied consciousness.

But you can look ahead, while you stay in your body. You can look at Ganeshpuri, a bird’s eye view, on Google Maps. And there are lots of great photos online – just do a search! But the best is walking down the street, on the way to the morning abhishek, the ceremonial bath of Bhagavan’s murti – we’ll be there at 4:20 every morning! Soon…

Not yet, but soon…

With love and great delight, Swami Nirmalananda

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