Another Step Forward. Posted on January 25, 2013 by Swamiji

tadaa-231x300Tadaa! has been a gleam in its mama’s eye for several years – the possibility of telling Svaroopis’ stories through collaboration between the Ashram and Master Yoga. Our first issue was published yesterday (listen for the fanfare, with the trumpets and conch horns blowing!), thanks to the dedicated and loving efforts of so many talented people. Please blow them a kiss when you read their names on the masthead.

Steps like this keep us moving forward. It takes the work of many to make this great task possible – this task of making a difference in the world, of making a difference in your life and the lives of so many. On Tadaa’s masthead, you see both sevites and paid staff, paid staff who are supported by your donations. You see, I couldn’t publish a magazine, run an Ashram, head a trip to India, lead Master Yoga’s Reawakening and also write talks, create study courses and programs, publish contemplation articles, record audios… I need help to make this happen. Your help.

In addition to Tadaa! we’ve added the daily E-Quotes, now being sent to everyone on our email list for free. I get reports on how many people click to open each day and am delighted to see hundreds of yogis starting their day with an uplifting message. One of them sent me a nice response, “Your many E-Quotes hit home. Thank you for continuing to send these wonderful messages to us.” It’s nice to know that all of us working together are making a difference.

Please consider your contribution to this task. I cannot do it without you. Click here to offer your gift in any amount, as a monthly offering or one-time donation. Thank you.

With love and great gratitude,

Swami Nirmalananda

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