Three Ways to Make a Difference. Posted on February 1, 2013 by Swamiji

You make a difference in the world by simply existing.

Beyond that, your choices and actions make a difference in the world, sometimes for the good of all and sometimes (unfortunately) in a different direction. Over time, especially when you count in yoga-time, your choices and actions come from a different place inside, so everything you do is an offering to others, an offering to the world. Then you make a difference in the world through your actions, in addition to the difference your presence makes.

When you measure in yoga-time, the next stage is that you get past the “doings” and return to the power of presence. Your own presence makes a difference. You know this when you sit with another person who is having a difficult time – just being there with them helps.

In the same way, your participation in the Ashram makes a difference. Whether you “do” something or not, your interest provides a type of support. When you come to a program or avail yourself of our many online services, your readiness to hear the teachings is the magnetic force that draws them out of me. If you’re not there, I have no reason to teach. When you come, you let your Ashram and you let me make a difference in you, which then makes a difference in the world. It’s wonderfully interwoven, completely tantric*!

Your donations are an integral part of this interweaving. Because I bring these teachings into the world, I must work within the structure of the world. That means there must be buildings, electricity, internet connections, etc. Your contributions make me able to write talks and sutra* commentaries instead of answering the telephone and update the website. Your interest and your financial support are both essential parts of the equation that empowers me to serve you.

In 2013, our Board is focusing on three fundraising arenas:

Outdoor Temple – we are going to build a big gazebo in our back yard for a statue of Shiva, to create an outdoor temple and surrounding garden. We also need a long overdue upgrade to our 30-something heating and cooling systems.
Swami Support – you empower the Ashram to provide for my personal needs as well as the staff who support me in providing the many teachings and services I am honored to offer.
Ashram Essentials – to support our many free programs and the infrastructure that houses them.
Make a difference in my ability to serve you and others. Click here to offer your donation…

With love and blessings, Swami Nirmalananda

*tantric – interwoven, sutra – aphorisms from yoga’s sages

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