India Begins! Posted on February 4, 2013 by Swamiji

I’m in Ganeshpuri, getting a few things ready. While the Ashram at home is well attended, many of you will be arriving here soon. We’re on the cusp of a wonderful journey together, and I plan to bring along everyone who couldn’t make the flight.

I arrived around midnight last night, walked out into a comfortable 79o evening to an amazingly easy two-hour drive. I was struck with how much work they’ve done on the roads! At that time of night, the traffic flows smoothly. There were no oxen-drawn carts, no buses with people standing in the doorway hanging on tight. There were plenty of trucks but they pulled over to let the faster vehicles move through. It was all so easy – I suspect Grace at work already!

There are a few people here, lingering with their Guru at the end of a group retreat. It’s sweet to spend a little time with other swamis, both the head of the group as well as the new swami who was just initiated. That deep recognition of shared purpose is sweet — like looking in a mirror but seeing a different face, which is still my own.

I’ve had a few visitors but I’m laying low, just beginning the jet-lag recovery process. The 4:00 am start tomorrow morning should help get me synched up with the time zones! I’m going to the abhishek, the morning ritual bath for Bhagavan Nityananda’s murti (enlivened statue), my favorite time of day in the holy town of Ganeshpuri. And then the group arrives…

With love and blessings,

Swami Nirmalananda

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