One Foot on Each Continent. Posted on February 7, 2013 by Swamiji

I sit in Ganeshpuri, waiting for our group to arrive, writing to all of you who are at home, so my heart is with you too. I have one foot on each continent. Well, I’ll have to count several continents, because my yoga world spans North America, Europe and Australia as well as India. Of course India is technically not a continent but a sub-continent, yet today it feels like it’s a different planet. The gardens of Fire Mountain Ashram are especially lush. I picked a red hibiscus and placed it on Ganesha’s lap, and sat for a long time in the meditation dome, knowing that tomorrow I’ll be welcoming everyone there.

Yet life goes on. You are still doing a day and the Ashram’s staff and sevites continue to manage the daily activities, doing everything they can do to serve you. They are working to make a difference in your life, just as I do. Their efforts make a difference in my life as well as yours! If I had to cook the meals, do the cleaning, handle all the mail, update the websites and the hundreds of other details, I’d never have time to teach! They make me available to serve you.

Your donations support all these activities, which is why the Ashram Board comes to you at the beginning of every year to ask for your help in creating the budget that makes all this happen. Our annual costs for the free programs, both online and onsite, is the greatest part of our expenditures. We need your help in order to continue.

I feel a little like I’m on PBS, running the annual telethon, saying that your donations make us able to serve you. It’s an apt comparison! But instead of trying to entertain or to educate you, I am working toward your enlightenment. If you want to be enlightened, I’m here to help you get there. This is a project worthy of your support.

Please Make a Difference – donate now. Click here to make a donation of any size or to set up a monthly gift, our most important stream of continuing support.

With love and gratitude,

Swami Nirmalananda

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