Keeping the Home Candles Burning. Posted on February 13, 2013 by Ashram

by Connie Mohn

Ahhhhh…What a gloriously sunny and warm winter day in Downingtown. A perfect day to be out and about. Destination? Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram. Even with so many yogis in India, the seva continues and for that I am grateful.

Sevite Lisa Spangler (Yoga Teacher at DYMC) was meeting me at the Ashram for a special – oh, so very special – project. It was time for Ganesha’s annual full body scrub and massage……or better said, the annual polish and shine.

Before we could get down to business though, two furry four-legged ashramites, bellies full, insisted we join them in the sunroom to lounge in the warmth of the sun and do absolutely nothing……. with friends. There is so much love in this thing called seva….from all directions.

Here are some pictures of some of those purrrrfect moments:

Sundari Mantage

Eventually we left our little sun-lovers to tend to our Ganesha, the Beloved. What a treat to be able to spend such quality time with Ganesha! Bathed in shakti, with the Guru Gita playing in the background, periods of japa, pleasant conversation and connection, we scrubbed and polished and scrubbed and polished. Were we polishing Ganesha, or our own Heart? When it was all over not only was Ganesha shining bright, so were we…..and so was the whole world.

Who is serving whom?
There is only the serving.
There is only Love.
What a difference a couple hours of seva makes!


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