The Fire. Posted on February 17, 2013 by Swamiji

The power of yoga becomes more and more tangible by the day. Instead of a muscular power, it’s the power of divinity wearing away your resistance, until there’s only one thing left — Self. Everything on the outside conspires to reveal your own Divinity. Yesterday it was a yaj~na (yaj-nya), the traditional fire ceremony documented in the Vedas and practiced the same way as in ancient times.

Friday night began with the Brahmins setting up in our meditation hall after dinner. We gathered in the garden dining tent for me to tell the story of the Goddess, the cosmic creative power that is honored as Divine Mother. I introduced Durga, the warrior Goddess that harnesses all the forces of nature to protect the world.

Yajna-Dean-Shuchi-150x150A little later our head priest, Samtosh, showed me the silver murti of Durga he brought for our ceremonies – how auspicious that I had just told her story!

From 9 am to 12:30, Dean and Shuchi (Sue) Cilley served as our hands and hearts in the succession of ceremonies invoking Ganesha, Varuna and Durga in a three-fold form (Tripura Sundari). Flowers, candle flames, water being poured and mantras resounding in the 40’ tall dome made it impossible for most people to keep their eyes open for long.

The fire took up all afternoon, with hours of ever changing chants and offerings being poured into the fire. Now no one could close their eyes! The flames are so different from any campfire or fireplace you’ve seen – truly the light of divinity and the spark of life.

We ended the night with another ancient myth, the story of Saraswati carrying the flames of the Vedic tradition on her watery waves, all the way to the sea…

Today, Sunday, we have the Ganeshpuri Music School performance and then we get ready for our early Monday a.m. departure – on to the Kumbha Mela!

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