Gems from India. Posted on March 5, 2013 by Swamiji

Connecting with Friends

by Lucia Miller

Who knew I wanted to go to India?

It wasn’t on my “to do” list, yet here I sit, settling into a quiet inner stillness. Each day there is an opportunity to go to “downtown Ganeshpuri,” to witness and participate in temple celebrations, to walk through town and visit local shops, or just wander off from our homebase at Fire Mountain Retreat Center across the river.

It is Fire Mountain where we spend most of our time for meals, satsang and yoga. We gather every day – morning, afternoon, and evening under a huge soccer ball shaped dome with skylights, with mosquito netting all around. There’s plenty of room for yoga blankets, chairs and the whole gang of Svaroopa® yogis. Funny to see all the familiar plaid blankets just a few feet away from a big cow pasture and coconut trees. If you go to , you’ll be able to see a picture of this amazing space.

The retreat center is not large and what strikes me the most is that it’s right in the midst of the countryside. You can see and hear and taste all of the village life going on around you – brick makers, grazing cows, local workers coming and going, children walking by going somewhere. And what you can count on is hearing them shout out “hello” as they pass, like a joyful bird call, and we call back “hello”. It’s all so amazingly simple.

You don’t have to be here to be here but being here is like nowhere else in the world. To live is to love, and when you are in Ganeshpuri, you do nothing but love.

The Walk of Your Guru

by a Ganeshpuri Retreat participant

When you look at photos of Nityananda, do you see pure love?

To walk the paths and lanes where Nityananda once walked.

To meet his photographer’s son! Who carries on his father’s work.

To chant slowly Om Namah Shivayah in the dome while awaiting Nirmalananda to arrive.

It is loving to reach these lands as we have, in this age, to carry on what the sages have laid before us. Think of what those who have lived here – what they have devoted their lives to! Swamiji says that most of the people in Ganeshpuri moved here, or their parents or grandparents have relocated here in devotion of Bhagawan – that is the reason they are here.

Who will you follow and let lead?

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