Swami’s Home from India! Posted on March 8, 2013 by Swamiji

In returning home from the India trip, I’m delighted to find everything running so well at the Ashram. Your Swami is nicely supported by the Ashram staff and sevites, which makes it easy for me to turn my attention to the Bondage & Freedom course, with the first article coming out today. I can turn my attention to the new “Tadaa!” and the English translation of Shrii Guru Gita. I’m able to focus on supporting yogis in the throes of deep transformation as well as prepare for programs like Sunday night’s Shivaratri celebration. So much going on – so many people helping.

Your donations make a difference — your generosity makes all this possible. It’s just like a PBS fundraiser, “Your gift makes us able to serve you.” Our Swami Support fund still needs help this year, or we may have to cut back on our staffing. That would reduce my available time, because the tasks don’t go away, they just roll uphill to the next available person.

gazebo_2-150x150Our Temple Builder fund is just getting a start.

My India interlude makes it clear to me how important it is to have the sacred site — the temple that makes the Inner Divinity tangible and palpable. I sincerely hope we can build our backyard gazebo this year, something like this beautiful structure, with planning for a statue of Shiva in the center (in 2013 or 2014). This brings together the beauty of nature with the beauty of meditation — all in our own backyard.

Our third funding initiative, Ashram Essentials, covers the costs of our in-house programs and online libraries. The library has a new online profile, thanks to our website seva team headed by Tanmayee and Glen — click here to see the treasure trove available to you. We especially hope you’ll enjoy the new audio format, now accessible from mobile devices, plus presented in an easier to find and easier to use format.

marble-box-150x150Your Ashram needs your support. If you can send only $5 or $10, it makes a difference. If you can send that (or more) monthly, it provides continuing support. As announced in “Tadaa!” your new monthly donation makes you qualified for one of the Taj Mahal marble boxes, with ash from our Ganeshpuri fire ceremony! I brought these back just for you.

Thank you for making the Ashram a possibility, a reality — in your life and in mine.

With love and blessings, Swami Nirmalananda

Click here to make a donation in any amount. Thank you!

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