No Pulling Punches… Posted on March 14, 2013 by Swamiji

If I could be with you, in person – what a delight! If I were in the room with you, and maybe a few others, I’d tell you about the gift you give me when you want to know your own Self. You allow me to serve my Baba by sharing His gift with you.

You allow me to show you the light that shines through your eyes, the spark of life that makes your heart beat, the energy that courses through your system and keeps you alive. You allow me to open you up to the greater energy, the power of upliftment, Kundalini Herself. She is your own Self. Thank you for wanting to know God. Thank you for wanting to know your own Self.

We don’t often have the luxury of being together in person. In this day and age of limited time and great distances, it’s a rare opportunity. I’ve worked hard to set up your Ashram services to narrow that distance and to be available to you at all times of day and night – our new website is part of the expansion of our services in 2013. The support of many sevites, along with paid staff and our never-tiring Board members make this possible, but it takes good old American greenbacks to make it work as well. Your donations make a difference.

82 yogis have made 163 donations to our fundraising campaign, “Make a Difference,” truly making a difference in what I can do for you. The good news is that 80% of the Ashram’s services are free. This means we rely on your donations for funding, so I’m especially thankful that so many of you have decided to help.

Fundraising-130314-with-labels3We’ve raised $27,000 of our $60,000 goal – we’re nearly halfway. Congratulations! and thank you!

Becoming a swami a few years ago meant that I could dedicate my life to service in a whole new way. Even the challenges that I’ve been leading Master Yoga through in the last six months have been part of that service. But in the Ashram is where I serve the highest purpose – your own enlightenment. I don’t hold back. I don’t pull any punches. I give you all I’ve got – because you’re ready for it.

DSC_0124-150x150I need your support to be able to do this.

Please make a donation now. Help the Ashram reach its fundraising goals for 2013, so we can maintain the high level of service we’ve been providing for you and plan to continue.

With deep love and in service, Swami Nirmalananda

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