You’ve Made a Big Difference. Posted on April 6, 2013 by Swamiji

You’ve Made a Big Difference

Your donations to the Ashram in the last few weeks have made a big difference, insuring the continuation of our free programs for the rest of the year as well as supporting me in the service I offer you (in the name of my Baba).

It is traditional for swamis in India to go from door to door with their begging bowl in hand, for their daily meal as well as for donations that give them access to clothing, transportation, medical care, etc. I feel like I’ve made my rounds, assisted so nobly by our Board members — truly model sevites who are living their yoga. Fortunately I make the rounds only once a year for the Ashram, not daily!

Your support has come in donations ranging from $10 per year to $1 per month (which is more than $10/year!), as well as larger sums, from hundreds to many thousands of dollars. Almost 200 of you have sent in donations, about 5% of those whom we serve through our email and website offerings. It is usually true that the few support the many, and in this case, the few are very loving and generous.

It touches my heart to see how you dedicate some of your money to a holy cause – the upliftment of others as well as for yourself. There are many good causes in the world. A number of Svaroopis have recently told me of worthy causes they are supporting — I’m grateful that so many of you have found the Ashram to be worthy of your support.

Your gifts have met and exceeded our net goal of $60,000! The Swami Support and Ashram Essential funds are filled and overflowing, while our Temple Builder fund is at 50%, so we’ll wait for another year on the temple and new furnaces. It will take a few days to do all the accounting and analysis, all in the capable hands of Bob Nogue, our Treasurer, and we will give you a full report soon.

marble-box1We still have a few marble boxes from the Taj Mahal available, so new Monthly Donors will continue to receive this gift through the end of April (as well as current Monthly Donors who increase their gift). In addition, of course, our Monthly Donors take advantage of discounted tuition on all our courses as well as on our upcoming Svaroopa® Yoga Conference, Alignment with Grace in Philadelphia from October 4-6 2013.

The ash in the boxes — what do you do with it? You have choices! You can use the ring finger of your right hand to place a dot of ash between your eyebrows; especially before you meditate, this is very beneficial! You can take ¼ teaspoon and smear it across your forehead, or even more to spread across all your skin for a yogic (naked) meditation! You can even place a dot of it on your tongue!

It’s completely purified (by the fire), and gives you a way of ingesting the mantras and Divine offerings in the yaj~na ceremony. The point is to use it!

Thank you for two things — for the opportunity to serve you in this exalted endeavor (your own enlightenment), and for your support that makes me able to serve you.

With love, gratitude and great blessings,

Swami Nirmalananda

Click here to make a donation in any amount that works for you. || OM svaroopa svasvabhavah namo namah ||

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