Comings & Goings. Posted on April 15, 2013 by Swamiji

Welcome to two new Board members, Connie (Kanchan) Mohn and Kristine Freeman. They have been supporting the Ashram in many and profound ways as well as deepening their own inner state through their practices and their relationship with Swami Nirmalananda. She recommended them to become Board members, serving in a leadership role and position of fiduciary responsibility – to ensure that your donations, tuitions and other funds are dedicated to the Ashram’s purpose: to engage in & teach the worship of Paramashiva, the all-pervasive divine reality, focusing on finding and experiencing the divine within the individual human being. Welcome Kanchan and Kristine!

New titles! Board members Amala (Lynn) Cattafi is now a Vice President, serving as Personal Liason to Swami Nirmalananda, and will be expanding her role in communications, specifically to keep Svaroopis and Shishyas up-to-date with everything that is going on. Rudrani (Rosemary) Nogue is now Vice President of Public Communications, having managed our E-Letters and Tadaa! teams for several years now. Their new title is an understatement of what they do for the Ashram and for Swamiji, and the value of their support.

We are grateful to Tanmayee (Theresa) Reynolds for serving on the Board in our foundational years, serving as our Recording Secretary and Technology Wizard. Most recently she teamed with Glen Christensen (sevite-extraordinare) to move our website to a new hosting company – a move prompted by the need for yogis to be able to access our free audios on their mobile devices. Almost a year of work went into the project, with the last month being a major time crunch, with all hands on deck! Tanmayee worked at all levels in the process, from planning and managing to doing the input and checking others work as well. Thank you for your many offerings, Tanmayee, and blessings to you in your next phase of challenges and growth.

We are also saying goodbye to Linda Gambone, who worked on our administrative staff for the last 18 months, serving many of you on the phone as well as in person and by email. It’s been a delight to see her growth into new areas of professional skills, as well as introduce her to yoga and meditation. Thank you, Linda!

Amanda Jordan joined our administrative staff at the beginning of this year, and is now expanding her role from part-time to full-time. Since her arrival her, she’s expanded into increasing levels of responsibility due to her diligence, resourcefulness and creativity. We enjoy her cheery greeting every morning and are sure you’ll enjoy getting to know her.

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