Seva: Something I Can DO!

by Devapriya Hills

Sometimes you bring your inner depth and vastness to your seva. Other times you are reminded of your expansiveness by doing your seva.



Sarvataa recently blogged about seva at the Ashram, packaging sacred ash to send to our Monthly Donors.  Her experience was full of depth, vastness and expansiveness; seva is like this.  Seva is a profound yoga practice all its own.

You begin, thinking you’ll support the Ashram, but then you discover you’re the one being supported.  Sarvataa described how she and Kristine’s donation of time and service supported them in diving deeper into consciousness, yet it supported the Community, especially those that received their beautiful ash-filled marble gift box.  It also supported the Ashram and our Guru all at the same time. How divine!

When my other yoga practices have become difficult for me, I find that I still have my seva. Sometimes I can bring my vastness to my seva practice, but when the tough gets in the way, seva is something I can DO. It is a practice that my mind has listed under “acceptable activity,“  precisely because it is an activity. My seva has the power to fulfill me and bring me closer to my stillness and my vastness.

You are all invited to expand your yoga practice by participating in Divine Seva. We have many different seva opportunities to pick from:

  • The Special Events Team will soon begin the planning for a Japa-thon on Muktananda’s Mahasamadhi in September. This surely promises to be a divine, expansive event.
  • The Gardening Team will be planting at the end of May. Many are bringing plants from their home gardens to the Ashram. Maybe you have plants to share or you can help with planting.
  • The Sound Editing Team has room for another sound editor.  Listening to and editing Swamiji’s teachings and Satsangs is full of Grace and Shakti.
  • If you are interested in helping keep the Web up to date or Blogging there are more opportunities for the practice of seva and an offering of your Self and your story.

The Grace that flows when you do seva is amazing. It is another opportunity to live in the flow of Grace.

Contact Devapriya at Fill out our 10-minute Seva Skills Survey to be expertly matched with your seva.


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