Social Media, the Svaroopa® Yoga Way: From the mundane to the sublime

by Sarvataa Christie



My life is seva. My focus is deepening my Guru-disciple relationship. My use of social media also includes these practices.

When I first realized Swamiji was on FaceBook, I hesitated sending a friend request. Finally, I did, and I was so excited (and nervous) when she accepted! I was afraid She would really see me. Little did I know, She sees me anyway; really sees me. How wonderful! Swamiji says that she loves to get to know us in this personal way through FaceBook. I certainly love visiting her page! This was one of many steps toward a deeper relationship with my Guru.

I love sharing SVA videos, daily E-Quotes, photos, blogs and various other SVA content on my FaceBook page. It brings a deeper understanding for me and accessibility to my students and friends.  It keeps me connected to my yoga community; each time there is a “like” for something I’ve posted, I have that chance to connect with a fellow Svaroopi, my yoga buddies.   As a bonus, I am reminded to visit that post again myself; layering it in there. It is even more delicious when a yoga buddy posts the E-Quote, too — yet another chance to contemplate it and deepen my understanding (or just remember what it said!). It is the gift that keeps on giving!

As Sharada Macdonald added, “The posts still my mind, and social media usually activates it.” It is such a treat to utilize the external to turn inward!  Sharing Svaroopa® yoga via social media is a way to focus on the highest thoughts; thoughts of God, the Divine and the Guru.

Svaroopa® social media turns the mundane into the sublime.  It is a way for me to stay in touch with my community, my yoga family,  to get and to give support, to keep up to date on what’s happening with our global community and to deepen my relationship with Swamiji. It’s an easy and fun way to market my teaching schedule, as teaching is part of my practice of seva.  When I receive something in my inbox from the E-Group, it brings me inward every time. How sweet!

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