Are We Out of Alignment?



Svaroopa® yoga is all about alignment. In every Master Yoga program, you learn how the precise physical alignment provides you with the experience of svaroopa, your Divine Essence.

The Ashram offers Svaroopa® Vidya teachings and meditative practices, focused on alignment with Grace. This empowers you to live in the experiential knowing of your own Divinity all the time.

But on the organizational level, our two organizations and Boards are looking at the question – are we out of alignment?  While we have been collaborating on key courses and events for four years, we are duplicating administrative work in some areas.

These inefficiencies affect our ability to serve you in the most effective way.  With Sharada Macdonald now serving as Business Administration Manager for both SVA and MYF, it has helped to spotlight these areas.

Thus our two Boards have begun meeting to consider creating a deeper collaboration.   Our guiding question is this:

How can we better serve you?

Our organizations, both so focused on your alignment, are also working on our own…. Click here for FAQs about this.



We absolutely need community input on this. Click here to give us your perspective, answering a short questionnaire – 6 questions.  Help us determine what level of collaboration will best benefit you, so we can provide the yoga services and courses that you need and love.

Thank you!


Amala Lynn Cattafi & Shuchi Sue Cilley

SVA President & MYF President

1 thought on “Are We Out of Alignment?

  1. Ellan Catacchio

    Dearest Amala and Shuchi,

    Thank you both for your contributions to MYFSVA. I am happy to see further collaboration between the organizations. In the beginning I was almost feeling as though I had to ‘pick a side’, was I a MYF person or was I a SVA? It didn’t feel right. As Though the parents were not speaking. I think the school and the ashram can operate as departments within one organization, with one board, one Swami who is also Master Teacher and with an administrative staff that supports both. I know huge efforts have gone into upgrading systems to streamline operations and hopefully both departments are benefiting. I think having both contribute to communications is great. It says we are all Svaroopies even though some are only interested in the Ashram and some only interested in the school. Many of us are interested both. Now it feels like ‘the parents’ are speaking again and we can all exhale. I would encourage the board to seek out even more ways to collaborate. I look forward to seeing you both at conference. I am pleased to be doing Seva this year!

    With love and gratitude,



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