Growth and Change and more…The Ashram is 4 years old! By Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

133Living at the Ashram is a unique and special experience.  I started by thinking, “What is it like to live there?  I wonder if I could live there?”  Well the answer came to me over a year ago, after the Ashram had already been open for over 2 years.  I got to spend some time with Nirmalananda in India; then one day I saw the next step clearly.  Now I have been living in the Ashram long enough to participate in its fourth birthday celebration. It’s hard to believe it has been four years!  We are so blessed to have this beautiful space dedicated to the development of each of our own Divine Essence, which is all the same Consciousness. A truly revered space for this unfolding of our own Self.

I clearly remember the first time I came over to dinner during the initial construction, looking at walls coming down and going up, bathrooms and bedrooms being expanded and moved and trying to visualize how it would all turn out.   Now it is part of my daily life, the meditation room, the kitchen and of course the delicious sunroom!  I look at how my life has been in the past 18 months, quite a mix, which is not surprising.  I am living in the fire!  Nothing goes unnoticed, every single thing contributes to the knowing of my own Self as Consciousness-Itself.  This is what living in the fire means (at least for me!).  We each get what we need to nurture the growth, sometimes gently and sometimes with a bit more heat!

One of the things I love about living in the Ashram is being able to spend time with so many yogis who have similar interests, who visit from near and far.  People whom I have known as students in the trainings at Master Yoga are now sharing the same love and joy of the exploration of Consciousness which the Ashram provides.  Sharing meals, meditations and informal conversations bring a new depth to already established relationships.  Sometimes I stand in the kitchen as we chant the food chant, seeing how blessed we all are to have the Ashram to support us and our practices. I silently thank Swamiji for her vision in creating the Ashram to carry on her work and share it with all of us.

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