Only One Roof – by Shuchi (Sue) Cilley, MYF Board President

Sue Cilley3I am celebrating with great joy the two becoming one!  Having all the programs under the roof of the Ashram serves everyone at the highest level. It hasn’t been an easy road to get here.  While there’s a piece of me that thinks somehow I should be mourning “the old way”, I have to tell you that the joy keeps gobbling that up.

I’ve experienced something similar at other times in my life as well. It’s mixed into moving from one house I’ve loved into another. It’s in graduating from college. I feel it all over town this time of year as parents send their children to school – whether it’s the first day for a young child or off to college for an older one, and it’s there in family reunions.  It’s in all the goings and comings.

There’s a piece of me that mourns what was – like the relationships I had with staff who have left for one reason or other .  They have provided very important services to this community.  More important, I realize that they are now free to walk through the new doors that will open for them.  When I really look into it, the mourning it is really just a fear of the unknown that doesn’t make any real sense.  No wonder the joy keeps overwhelming it.

My practice shows me over and over again that it reliably delivers the experience I seek.  Under one roof is now a spread of practices to choose from – there is no longer only one entry door per organization – called “yoga” or “meditation”.  You can slide seamlessly from room to room.

You get to choose.  It’s your process.  You can choose which door to enter, how long to stay, how much to experience, when to leave and when to come back.  You choose what kind of relationship you want.  It’s all up to you.  But now you have the whole range of practices spread before you in one place.  You can choose how to use your time.  How to serve.  How to live.  You always could – but sometimes the pathway was an administrative maze.

Yes, I feel expansive joy.  With Svaroopa® yoga and meditation I can truly go from here to infinity.  Swami Nirmalananda shows me how.  I can’t maintain my sadness, even when I try.

I’m left with ever expanding gratitude – for you and your presence and participation, for this opportunity to serve those who serve and for Swami Nirmalananda who ever and always has guided us along this path for decades, whether we knew it or not.  The future is bright.   See you at the Conference!

OM svaroopa svasvabhava.h namo nama.h

1 thought on “Only One Roof – by Shuchi (Sue) Cilley, MYF Board President

  1. Shanti Ellan Catacchio

    Thank you Shuchi, I too am pleased by this latest transition. In fact I was surprised by the depth of my feelings that arose over the announcement. Joy is the best description. Two organizations was tolerable, but too often I have lived in ‘tolerable ‘ when joy was just around the bend. I am reminded of a discussion with Swamiji when she answered my either or question with ‘both’ and encouraged me to change some of my ‘ors’ to ‘ands’. I didn’t realize how much that played into my thinking about Svaroopa. Another word to describe how I feel about this is relief.


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